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5 Etiquette That You Should Know When Co-working

  1. Be friendly and keep an open mind 

Remember that one of your goals is to find someone that is worth collaborating with. Take this chance to meet new set of people. Engage with them and share a little of your knowledge. Grab the opportunity of making new friends that could be so helpful to you and your future work.

Be as open minded as possible; you are working with a diverse people, always keep an open mind and listen to their different perspective with all your heart.

  1. Be sensitive with others

This is a big one, especially when you are working in an open space. Be sensitive with all the noise that you will make. Sound carries, and not everyone wants to hear your phone conversations with clients, or listen to backpacks and equipment banging around as newcomers settle in. Make the working space as conducive as possible for everyone. Do not let yourself to be the reason of their distraction.

  1. Clean up your own mess

Have some decency to pick up your own trash or mess. Keep the allotted space for you as clean as possible before you leave and respect others you will also use the space next to you. Remember, cleanliness is next to godliness!

  1. Do not take over the shared equipment

Another perk of co-working spaces is having access to shared office equipment. Yes, shared equipment, meaning it is for everyone to use. Avoid using certain equipment for a long time.

Best example for this is the socket, if you know that you are not charging or plugging anything, pull it out so that others can use the same.

  1. Do not forget to put your best smile

Lastly, put your best smile with everyone. Avoid being too grumpy and too sensitive to create a great and peaceful environment.

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