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7 Keys Of Achieving A Successful Co-working Space

1. Find a Perfect location
Location is king when it comes to co-working spaces. You should have a better idea of where to set up. Ensure that the location selected is the best fit for your market’s needs and work style.

2. Invest on your Interior design
The first thing that clients notice when entering your co-working space is essentially the interior design and furnishings. Consider a mix of open plan temporary ‘hot desks’, permanent desks, brainstorming spots, private team spaces, and quiet spaces where people can get away from the ‘floor’ and do their strategic thinking, as well as a conference room, which is a draw for those who see clients on a regular basis.

3. Strengthen your brand
Co-working isn’t only about the space. Your name, logo, marketing materials and digital identity say a lot about the community and its members. Work on your brand image!

4. Build a Community
The key to attracting people may lie in branding, but the key to retention is in community. Engage with members on social media and use social media as a platform to promote events and member businesses as well.

5. Offer Perks and discounts
Don’t forget to give membership card to retain customer’s loyalty. A little discount won’t hurt as well.

6. Showcase your Amenities
Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile and invest in things that are going to make life easier for your members, provide different amenities that could be helpful to them.

7. Pricing and flexibility
Co-working is meant to be flexible…and affordable. While people enjoy the collaboration and community that comes with co-working, the most important factor is often price and convenience. It’s important to create a variety of packages to suit different member needs. From casual drop-ins to one, three and seven day a week passes, be flexible. Also offer 24-7 access where possible.

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