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6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Co-working Space

Working from home has it benefits. From the decreased need for work attire to no commute, telecommuting is pleasant and convenient. However, studies show that there is a problem with working from home, which is a lack of productivity.

One way to resolve the problem is the newest trend today called co-working. Co-working spaces are essentially shared work-spaces. They offer affordable office space for those looking to escape the isolation of a home office or coffee shop.

We understand that choosing a right office space for a business, especially when it is about choosing the one for a start-up is a complicated task since hundreds of co-working office space available, it becomes difficult for start-ups to choose the best co-working space. Here are 6 things to consider in choosing a co-working space.

1.  Location

Location undoubtedly should be first and foremost in choosing the best co-working space for you. If you are in the services business, you should opt for a location that suits your clients. You should choose a location that will leave a good impression on your first meeting with a prospect.

However, if most of your work can be done remotely and you prefer to work at someplace quiet, then you should opt for a location that is nearest to where you live.

2.  Pricing and hidden cost

Make sure that you ask directly what are your inclusions and exclusions. Be aware about additional charges for:

  • Kitchens and snacks
  • Out of hours access
  • Internet speed
  • Meeting rooms
  • Printing and faxing
  • Mail handling
  • Phones

3.  Staffing

One of the most important points to consider when selecting a co-working space is the staff. They keep operations running smoothly and tenants happy. There is nothing more frustrating than having a guest come to a meeting at your office and arrive when the receptionist is at lunch.

Who is keeping the kitchens stocked? Who ensures the printers are working? The larger the co-working space, the more people are needed to provide world-class coverage and services.

4. Amenities

Are there enough meeting rooms for the size of the population? How do you book them? Ask to see last week’s booking sheet to see how full they were. Also look for other options like phone booths or private nooks.

Often, you don’t want or need to book a conference room to simply have a private conversation. And don’t forget to have a good look for collaboration peripherals such as whiteboards, projectors, screens etc.

5. Ease of commuting

Perhaps the reason you left your job was because you were wasting too much time commuting to the office. Well the good news is, now that you work for yourself, you can get rid that frustrating part of your day.

Starting your day free from traffic jams or public transport can really do wonders for your productivity and well-being. Also, if you are planning to hire a staff, a place that is easy to commute to is definitely a prime criterion for almost everyone.

6. Fast internet Connection

When choosing a co-working space, you want internet that provides speed and reliability, so be sure to inquire about and test the WiFi speeds to ensure they’re up to scratch.

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