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6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Co-working Space

Working from home has it benefits. From the decreased need for work attire to no commute, telecommuting is pleasant and convenient. However, studies show that there is a problem with working from home, which is a lack of productivity. One way to resolve the problem is the newest trend today called co-working. Co-working spaces are […]

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7 Keys Of Achieving A Successful Co-working Space

1. Find a Perfect location Location is king when it comes to co-working spaces. You should have a better idea of where to set up. Ensure that the location selected is the best fit for your market’s needs and work style. 2. Invest on your Interior design The first thing that clients notice when entering […]

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5 Etiquette That You Should Know When Co-working

Be friendly and keep an open mind  Remember that one of your goals is to find someone that is worth collaborating with. Take this chance to meet new set of people. Engage with them and share a little of your knowledge. Grab the opportunity of making new friends that could be so helpful to you […]

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