Client’s Name: Mr. Roland Perez

Profession: Chess Coach

Company: IQZentials Games


Q1: Tell us something about yourself

A: I’m coach Roland Joseph Perez of IQ Zentials incorporated so actually I was a player in college of varsity chess of Adamson University and somehow while doing college work I was given the summer job of teaching chess. Actually .. QN avenue by the milo checkmate program, I was one of the instructors there, supervised by …. From there on somehow, I felt certain joy of teaching kids I did know then that it was be going sooner or later (so mahilig po kayo sa mga kids?) In a way, oo .. ganun na nga and then from there nakita ko na it’s enjoyable plus sooner or later parang naging passion ko then suddenly I become a chess coach in school in Letran, then in Ateneo, yun na yung naging passion. Sabi nga follow your passion diba. Where in instead of work, you won’t consider it as a work parang it’s just something that you enjoy. Then suddenly yun nga the income forced in and then yun nga, 2 yrs ago naisip ko na why not create a company in teaching kids about chess. Actually in my company, it’s just a start-up company, it’s more on game creation kasi I invented a board game like chess pero it more on mathematical pero its still in the process. While waiting for the patent, I told myself why not incorporate chess in our company where in we teach kids to chess.

Q2: Philosophy in life

A: Follow your passion and everything will follow.


Q1: have you tried other co-working spaces? And what made you choose B-spot?

A: this is my first time but I’ve heard a lot about co-working spaces. Number one is the location. It’s near my clients. The location is very strategic. Easy to access. All you have to do is remember that it’s in front of robinson. Madali siyang mapuntahan. And then, I like your set up. It’s colorful and malinis. So, yung sa kulay agad ang nakita ko na pang kids toh. Staffs are very accommodating. Tinignan ko sa iba, yung visual agad eh. Doon nagkatalo. Actually meron pa akong ibang tinignan. Ito yung nakita kong ideal para doon sa chess clinic ko or tutorials.

Client’s Name: Mr. Jovitt Trinidad

Profession: Hypnosis therapist

Company: NLP & Hypnosis Philippines


Q1: Tell us something about yourself

A: My name is Jovit Trinidad. Profession wise I do a lot of things but yung main focus ko is really called organization development. I’m a consultant so  I help different companies grow and develop yung rage nun would be either doing trainings, doing audit of the processes that kind of thing but specifically why I’m here, is meron kaming program of hypnotherapy so basically hypnotherapy is using our mental processes to help uh.. mm.. reach our goals relieve trauma, ganun, we’re teaching people who are interested to learn how they can help themselves and others through ano lang, through using processes na ginagawa na natin things that are natural.

Q2: How were you engaged in this line of business/work?

A: Uhm, sa field? Sakin ano siya e interest.  It’s really understanding companies, organizations Kasi often times when you when you see an organization reflection siya ng owner or nung leader so kaya din ako na attract sa industriya na ito kasi I found out na if you can affect the leader or the person everything else can change automatically kesa diba from ground up sometimes top down also works.

Q3: Are you happy with your Job right now?

A: Oh yeah, very. Intentional siya e. kasi nga na experience ko rin mag work sa corporate structure  and it doesn’t work for me kasi gusto ko yung speed, flexibility. Tsaka yung exposure across industries. Kaya ayon, when I meet a new client meron silang uhm something sa work that they want handled I can talk across industries ah ganto retail, sa operations ng gantong companies, so kaya in terms of exposure hindi lang ako limited with one.

Q4: Philosophy in life:

A: It’s always, keep moving forward. One of the main thing sakin is curiousity that’s why I’m also in this industry/ field kasi there’s always something new to learn.


Q1: Have you tried other co working spaces?

A: Yeah! Because kasi nga ano madalas as consultant ang task ko is to really look, san malapit kung san convenient san madali pumunta kase I’ve been through four/ five different co- working spaces, sa pasig dito sa area and ano siya e, very unique iba iba ng conditions and places.


Q5: What is the edge of Bspot compared to other co working spaces?

A: Sakin as of now, yung biggest thing is ease of access. Kasi may sakayan kayo dyan it’s beside a mall whichever transport I’d like to use okay lang. Sa car nga lang eh, napapansin ko nagiging mas puno na ngayon. Dati kasi hindi nag kaka problems with parking. Ngayon lately sinasabi saken (laughs) sa baba.

Q5: Why bspot?

Bspot because of the location. Ease of organization. Often times when kahit na ano kahit hindi co-working spaces you also use mga events venue, training venues often times that set up is harder like dito you have personal to help with the set up madaling ma explain kung anong kelangan kasi usually diba it’s usually one small girl managing the training room so when we have to do setup kami sa upuan sa tables sa board so that’s a big difference, and of course the layout’s nice. It’s ano, positive na brighter colors tapos kumpleto na yung LCD, may sound system if necessary but I think ano rin, dahil smaller pa yung room no need pa of something loud.

Q6: What are the struggles that you have experienced po sa field nyo po, at chaka sa paghahanap/ pag gamit po ng co working spaces?

A: Struggles with co working spaces? Ano siya first is that, una location number one. Getting there is always a challenge pag sa ortigas kelangan mo pa pumasok sa office sa building ayan tapos 16th floor, HASSLE! Because kasi may pila elevator, may guards  tapos yung iba naman na co working space nila is masyadong liblib parang pag na late ako ng uwi di na okay yung area that’s all.

In terms of career? Siguro ano siya e, it’s not a step by step process. Wala siyang career ladder because sobrang konti ng organizational development professionals in the Philippines uhm una you find your own way you find your own exposure. It’s not like you graduate a course tapos ganon ka na.

Client’s Name: Ms. Erma Tidon

Company: Time for Healing PH


Q1. :Tell us something about yourself

A: What I do, basically I’m from Los Banos Laguna. I have a daughter she’s 5 years old. How did I get into what I’m doing after graduating from college, in one of my first jobs I had this colleague who introduced me to a series of books. It’s called, “Conversations with God.” By Nealde Donald Watsch and that was the first thing that introduced me to meditation. Yeah, so before I was a regular Catholic going to mass every Sunday and then when I started reading this book it opened my mind to other things you know, that meditation is not denominational. So it’s non- sectarian it doesn’t just belong to one religion. Anyone can do it it’s actually an exercise like working out. And so, it got me so interested I started with reading other books by (narrates writers/ artist names). Among other things and then I started working in the ships, this is a cruise liner ship. I worked for quite some time there. Till in 2007, My partner at that time was we started we decided to live in UK because I also have a brother there and for him it’s much closer to his home so we stayed in UK to 2007 to 2009 and that’s when I decided to study further. What got me into hypnotherapy and hypnosis because when I first. I chanced upon this website it’s called “COMMON KNOWLEDGE” and they were offering this one year diploma course at and so they had a weekend course that you can try.

When I actually started listening to their umm, mp3’s in their websites I realized that it is very much like meditation. This is meditation, this is what I do. It got me so curious that made me take the weekend course. That was a year and I was working at that time in UK so Sundays, I would travel from London to Brighton every week and I would stay there for three days and study and then every Tuesday night, I would because I took up another course in counseling in the meantime so I was juggling so many things at the same time. And then, so that was in 2007 and 2009.  I saw the real benefits. I was already seeing clients at that time. But it was not until 2014 which is 3 years ago where I chanced upon this book by Dolores can??? It’s a book called keepers of the garden when I read it. I was like oh my god this is hypnosis this is hypnotherapy. And the way she was doing it was much more than the technique I learned because when I was studying this way back then. What does a client ask me for past life regression for them it’s like it’s frowned upon. What they were teaching us is very clinical. What they were teaching is to how to stop smoking so it’s very scientific. Past life regression is to… I really did focus on them. Few years fast forward to 2014 I came upon this book I realized that this is the very thing that I’ve been doing directly. It resonates what I do. It’s how to stop smoking, it’s very scientific. So, basically, I only found one. It’s on schedule.

I looked for practitioners and for some reason we could not work out on the schedule so I just took a giant leap of faith, and that was 2014 actually it was a pleasant surprise for me since a lot of people are catholic they might not be open to reincarnation but reincarnation is not in the Bible. So even my mom she knows what I’m doing but she’s not really into it she just respects it. But so I can understand that this is a very you know, catholic devout country I wasn’t really expecting that many people would come to me. I just put up a website and people started calling me and that’s it. As a practitioner of Quantum Healing I realize if you do one on one it’s so limited and especially with the work I do, so I manage groups of people instead. I spend about more than half a day with the client because it’s long.  I talk to them for 2-3 hours to get to know them and then after that you do the induction part to which is another 2 hrs. all in all it can take up to 6- 7 hours.  I can only do one a day because if I do two, I’d be so exhausted by the end of the day. It’s that when I decided that I will just conduct workshops because then I’d get to be with 30 people and so this is what led me to create a program which is a whole day so yeah.  Sorry it became so long!

Q2: Philosophy in life:

A: Whether you think you believe you can or you believe you cannot, either way you are right. It’s very powerful I really believe that you create your reality. So if you think you cannot do something you’re arguing for your limitation.

Q3: Struggles experienced before you got to where you are now?

I would say the challenge was the procrastinator side of me.


Q1: Have you tried other co working spaces?

A: No, But I’ve conducted several workshops at universities maybe 6 or 7 times ko na ginawa but I have a lot of people from the metro and they kept telling me “bring it here” and so there was really a request to bring it here so I started looking for places,  BGC AREA, MAKATI, ORTIGAS, QUEZON CITY. This one I haven’t heard but it was only thru my friend Irene she told me about this place. Sure enough after one week we came here to check and that’s it.

Q2: So how do you find the experience on Bspot?

A: You know what I gave out survey forms to find out/ to check with my participants if how they find it. Ako, personally I found it to be great. Kasi the moment we came in na feel ko agad na maganda yung energy cause it’s what that matters to me. When I ended up here nakita agad yung airiness, yung energy so yeah. That’s what made me decide na despite the fact that it’s beside the street and I really go with my intuition so I just go with my intuition the moment. I saw it in pictures but it’s different pag na feel ko nayung vibe like “yes!” so I really travelled pa just to see it.